How to setup the JukeHostConnect plugin

Setting up JukeHostConnect is fairly simple.

  1. Copy JukeHostConnect to your plugins folder. Make sure you also have MCJukebox installed
  2. Run /jukehostconnect as an operator or with permission jukehostconnect.admin
  3. Click the link pasted into chat.
  4. You will see our site and be asked to login.
  5. Copy the command given to you.
  6. Paste the command into your Client chat and run it.
  7. Now running /jukehostconnect or /jhc will open up a menu for you to use

JukeHostConnect's menus consist of a few layers.

  1. Category layer, which shows you all the available categories (With no permission you see a Barrier block)
  2. Tracks layer, which shows you all the tracks/audio in the category
  3. Options layer, which shows you all the options that you can perform with the audio track you selected

The items on each layer are clickable. Clicking a category will open it. Clicking a track will provide you with options that you have been assigned.

Categories are permission based. Thus, if you aren't op or don't have either jukehostconnect.* or jukehostconnect.category.* permissions you won't see any categories. This is useful as normal players can open the menu but do nothing.

Categories can be assigned by giving the following permission: jukehostconnect.category.<category name>

The same is also applied with audio options with the following options being controlled by permissions: Play to self, Play to all, Full Link & Short Link
Controlled by the following permissions:


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