Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Does JukeHost have any limits?
The only parts you're limited on are 50MB per upload and 1000 uploads, so bandwidth is completely unlimited!

 How do I get my own account?
Visit "Getting Started" article to find a step by step of how to create your account.

How do I set up JukeHostConnect?
Find all the details you need to know by visiting the JukeHostConnect article.

How do I upload audio?
You can find a step by step guide located on the "Upload Step by Step" article.

How do I check if JukeHost is having any problems?
You can go and check out our status page here.

Does JukeHost provide 24/7 Support?
Support is not 24/7, however, we strive to respond as soon as we are available.
We often respond within 1-24 hours.




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